Novamarine Defence

Novamarine designs and builds boats with unique technical features, the result of a unique technology developed in over 30 years of research and development.
The technical staff of engineers, designers and highly skilled workers, on the basis of long experience that sets it apart in the realization of RIB boats with exclusive technology Novamarine, develops customized solutions on a daily basis based on the different requirements.

Transport for rescue at sea to those for anti-terrorism special forces, through military and civilian operations simple or complex, Novamarine has the most appropriate response in its technology and translates into ideal medium with projects, for installations and performance, you always adapted to the needs of the body making the request.

The technological development in Novamarine is expressed with the use of advanced materials, as well as with the development of innovative construction techniques as for example the design and manufacture of the tubular filled.
This characteristic has allowed to realize Novamarine of vessels which, in addition to ensuring their operation in any condition of use without having the vulnerability of the classical tubular tires, are able to offer even more space on board to be exploited in a much more advantageous, a ship structure more solid and rigid and hydrodynamic qualities unmatched by traditional boats.

The boats Novamarine are made starting from the needs of the customer who requires development. The project, while always based on the proven naval platforms 10, 11, 12, 14 and 22 meters, is intended in its totality with the military or civilian personnel that will be called to operate on these boats. Every detail is developed together with those who use the vessels the most critical conditions.

Novamarine Defence and the other lines

Novamarine is worldwide renowned in both military and professional fields, including the world of yachting. Therefore, despite the technology used by Novamarine is of primary interest for the most demanding customers, such as police, military and special forces, his boats are also present in the world of luxury pleasure.

The professional range includes the following lines:

  • Novamarine HD: Heavy Duty boats designed and built to meet the needs of hardest applications;
  • Novamarine Professional: for specific professional needs ranging from rescue at sea to port services or coastal surveillance or to the transport of personnel;
  • Novamarine Defence: the line capable to expressing its potential in all military operating situations, from the simplest to the most complex.

Novamarine Defence comprises boats designed to meet the most stringent standards of safety at sea and regulations regarding the specific military requirements. No coincidence the Defence Novamarine Defence 12 mt is currently the only project of this size with the RINA certification intended for military patrol coastal.