Novamarine boats are produced within SNO shipyards, a company with production facilities, wide spaces and appropriate requirements that identify it as one of the largest shipyards in the Mediterranean.

Within the production sites in Olbia, spaces intended solely for military line and allow the professional staff dedicated to operate in compliance with the regulations relating to environmental safety and confidentiality of the information related to each project.

The company complies with the requirements for quality management systems and has obtained the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008. This assures customers that the Novamarine products are safe and reliable.

The production techniques used to build Novamarine Defence boats, are based on the adoption of cutting-edge and high quality materials. From infusion lamination techniques, when necessary, to fine materials such as carbon fibers, kevlar and epoxy resins.

The boats, thanks to the structural engineering thought for hardest applications and to the quality of processing of raw materials, can resit the stresses typical of more extreme military and professional uses.